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Meat Grinders

Meat Grinders Meat

Pleasant Hill Grain offers electric meat grinders for commercial and home use. Commercial markets and deer processors find a Pro-Cut meat grinder gets their work done quickly and reliably. An LEM meat grinder is ideal for hunters for game meat like venison and elk, as well as beef. Thunderbird meat grinders offer all stainless construction and high horsepower on 1-phase electrical power. Click the products below and please call if you need more info. We're here to help and we'd love to talk with you about your meat grinding needs!

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Meat Grinders

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Benefits of Grinding your own Meat

You may have seen news stories about fillers in hamburger. We all wonder about the amount and type of chemicals and preservatives we could be consuming. There was a time when everyone knew and trusted their local butcher, but the product in the meat cases of modern megastores is—one might say—a whole different kettle of fish. You decide which wholesome ingredients go into the end product when you grind your own meat.

Fresher meat tastes better too. Oxygen starts degrading both nutrition and flavor from the first moment raw foods are processed. The closer to mealtime you grind your meat, the more flavorful your dining will be.

Electric Meat Grinders for Home Use

LEM meat grinders offer five size choices, so there’s a fit for every job and budget. Ranging from ¼ to 1.5 horsepower, LEM meat grinders use high-torque motors and a special feed screw design to grab meat aggressively, eliminating the need for forceful stomping. The full LEM grinder line is well built with all-steel gears, ball bearings and built-in circuit breaker protection to guard against motor damage. Two of their most popular models are the LEM 782 Big Bite grinder with #32 head and 1.5HP motor, and the LEM 780 meat grinder with #12 head and 3/4HP motor. LEM grinders have stainless steel headstocks, feed screws, grinding plates, blades, meat trays and cabinets. They’re stout meat grinders that are very popular among our hunting customers.

The Maverick 5501 electric meat grinder is a compact tabletop grinder that really packs a punch. Quiet-running, it’s a top pick for the home kitchen. Cleanup is a snap, and the Maverick grinder takes little room to store. Three sizes of meat grinder plates are included, as well as sausage stuffing tubes. We’ve sold Maverick’s grinders for years, and the 5501 is a real winner.

Weston’s home meat grinder not only makes hamburger, it’s also a tomato strainer. Plus, an economical slicer-shredder attachment is available to further extend its range, so you have three important kitchen tools in one machine. With easy cleanup, the Weston meat grinder is a popular choice for meat processing in the home kitchen.

Meat grinders for pet food

Pet owners have also become increasingly aware of fillers and byproducts put into their pets' food. Pet food and treats have been subject to recalls, and pets have become ill—some even killed—by tainted products. Both raw food (paleo) diets and formulated mixes can be made at home with a good quality electric meat grinder. Many owners of show dogs and show cats prefer to make their own food, creating nutritious, preservative-free food. They find that their animals perform better, have better muscle tone, and softer, thicker, silkier coats. Owners of working breeds who craft their dogs' diets say their animals are healthier and more energetic.

Commercial Meat Grinders

Pro-Cut grinders are exceptionally well engineered and built tough enough to tackle commercial-duty grinding all day long. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from a ¾  to 5 HP. NSF and UL certified, Pro-Cut grinders are found in delis, meat markets, butcher shops and grocery stores across the U.S. Users find them to produce quality ground meat and provide the reliability they need to support their livelihood. Pro-Cut meat grinder trays and housings are heavy gauge stainless steel, and the huge size of their meat trays provides efficient feeding. Feed screws and headstocks are long-life, tin-dipped, fine-grain cast iron.

The Pro-Cut KG-32 XP commercial meat grinder features a powerful 5HP/3-PH motor. Mounted on a stainless steel floor stand, it’s the choice of many of our larger-volume customers who have three phase power service. The Pro-Cut KG-32 with 3HP/3PH electric motor and the Pro-Cut KG-32-MP with 3HP/1PH electric motor are countertop commercial machines. The Pro-Cut KG-22W grinder and the KG22W-XP meat grinder offer motor options of 1HP/110V or 2HP/220V.

Pro-Cut carries their commitment to quality and solid construction right down to the Pro-Cut KG-12 grinder. This compact commercial meat grinder features a powerful ¾ HP motor that delivers exceptional torque for the toughest jobs. The KG-12 is a top choice for the user who processes smaller quantities.

Pro-Cut meat grinders have a 3-hole safety guard to keep your hands out of the throat. Equipped with high torque motors and maintenance-free oil bath gearboxes with all steel gears, they’re built to last. Reasonably priced and versatile, Pro-Cut commercial meat grinders are built in Mexico with the quality that will provide your business with years and years of trouble-free service.

Thunderbird is another highly respected name in commercial meat grinders. Thunderbird 500E (5 HP), Thunderbird 400E (1.5 HP), and Thunderbird 300E (1 HP) commercial meat grinders have solid stainless steel feed screws and headstocks, headstock rings, and meat trays. Thunderbird meat grinders are UL and NSF certified, and all operate on single phase power which allows even the largest Thunderbird meat grinder to be used anywhere, even without a commercial three phase power supply.

Order a Meat Grinder through Pleasant Hill Grain

Grinding your own meat puts you in control, saves you money, and it’s fun! Click on the models above to explore options, and if you have any questions, please call us. Our friendly, experienced customer service staff would love to address your home or business meat grinding needs and can recommend one or more models that will work great for you. We’ve been selling and supporting quality grinders for many years, and we would appreciate your business!