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Blenders have introduced the modern pleasures of milkshakes and smoothies, treats unheard of until the twentieth century. The powerful motors and high-tech blades of the newest models provide better crushing, mixing, grinding and emulsifying. Modern blenders like the Vitamix Professional Series 750 are making meal prep faster, more fun and more creative for both professional and home chefs! We have a blender for any job you have in mind, and some you probably haven’t imagined yet. Click a choice below and have fun exploring!

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Immersion Blenders

Blender Accessories

Strength & Versatility 

Blenders are designed to crush their contents and also to mix a variety of ingredients. A wide range of foods can be prepared in a blender from refreshing fruit smoothies to hot soups and baby food.

In action, the blender blades create a tornado-like circulation that mixes quickly and thoroughly. With higher speeds, foods are liquefied and even emulsified—great for mixing salad dressings!

Blender power is rated in watts or horsepower. The higher the number, the greater the the strength and effectiveness. Our blenders also have high torque ratings. Torque is what keeps the blade running through the resistance of the foods in the blender bowl.

Blender bowls pack more design sophistication than you might think. In a well-engineered blender, the blender bowl (also called the carafe, pitcher or jar) is designed to work with the blades to create a circulatory vortex, as opposed to just spinning lazily. So the angles and convolutions you see in the bowls of our blenders aren’t just there for looks.

Vitamix Professional Series Blenders

Vitamix blenders have been the professional and home standard for years. All Vitamix Pro models are self-cleaning; just squeeze a couple drops of dish soap into the blender, add a little warm water, and select the cleaning cycle. All the carafes are made of strong BPA-free copolyester plastic for safety and easy cleanup. They each come with a cookbook, tutorial DVD and smoothie stick.

The Vitamix Pro 750 has a powerful 12 amp motor operating its laser-cut hardened stainless steel blades at up to 240 mph. With such power you may expect the motor to be extremely loud, but it operates 40% quieter than the average of competitive brands. The variable soft touch speed dial includes a handy pulse setting. Even with its large 64-ounce capacity, it is still able to process small amounts of food.

The Vitamix Pro 300 has an 11.5 amp motor turning at 37,000 peak RPM  (an incredible 600 rotations per second) yet its much quieter than most blenders. With its low profile carafe model it has a clearance of 17.5 inches to fit under cupboards. The Vitamix Pro 500 blender and Vitamix 200 model use the classic pitcher model and have the same strong, durable motor designs. All three have a 64 ounce capacity.

The Culinary Institute of America helped design the Vitamix Pro CIA blender. It uses variable soft touch speed dial and pulse settings, has a 64 ounce container, and an 11.5 amp motor. The Vitamix TurboBlend two speed and TurboBlend VS variable speed incorporate all the main assets of Vitamix Pro blenders.


Another quality blender brand, Blendtec, is producing impressive technology that’s becoming a familiar asset in well-equipped kitchens. The Blendtec Professional 750 black blender has a stainless steel base that can be built directly into your countertop for stability. Two blending jars are included: a two quart FourSide jar and a patented WildSide jar with four inch blade. The 1,560 watt motor is a definite plus! The preprogrammed cycle buttons allow you to choose a setting and will automatically speed up or slow down, as well as shut off when the cycle is complete. The two vented gripper lids are a great advantage too. Also included is the “Fresh Blends” recipe book.

Three other Blendtec choices give you optimum selection. Our Blendtec 725 in gun metal or stainless has a 1,725 watt, 3.4 peak horsepower motor, and illuminated touch interface with  100-speed fingertip control. The display shows remaining time on the cycle you’ve chosen. The WildSide jar has easy to read measurements in ounces, cups, milliliters, and centimeters. The cold-forged blade is 80% thicker and ten times stronger than the average blender blade, and has enough strength to grind grains and coffee beans, as well as the finesse to create smoothies and self-clean. BlendTec’s SmartBlend technology senses and identifies potential problems such as overheating, air pockets or loading errors and tells you, through the digital readout screen, how to correct them.

The Blendtec 675 has 1,675 watts, a 3.2 peak horsepower motor and 8 speed touch slider control, plus a pulse control and is available in attractive champagne, charcoal, or dark roast colors. Four preprogrammed settings are supported with the 1,625 watt, 3 peak horsepower Blendtec 625. Its six speed touch slider, plus pulse feature, will help you create everything from ice cream to steaming soup. Choose between brilliant orchid, pomegranate, polar white, or slate colored finishes.

L'Equip RPM

The L’Equip RPM Pro in black or white not only uses the Titanium Crusher—a patented 8-blade blender blade—but at 30,000 RPM with a 1,440 watt motor, the variable speed single knob controller provides abundant power. In addition to cord storage, a fold-down smoothie stick is included. Its strong, 64 ounce co-polyester pitcher is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.


Immersion blenders continue to be a staple in European professional kitchens since their development in 1950 by Bamix founder Roger Perrinjaquet in Switzerland. They’ve since become popular in the USA and are sometimes referred to as wand mixers and stick blenders. Their design is essentially the reverse of a standard blender: the motor is in the handle and the blade is on the end of the connected wand. They are immersed in foods and then turned on for blending or thickening a mixture.

The Bamix Professional immersion blender has a longer shaft to reach into deep cookware. The included beater, whisk, multi-purpose meat and the vegetable blades are included with a wall bracket, recipe collection and instruction booklet. Its 200 watt motor and 15.5 inch overall length help make quick work of your heavy-duty tasks. The Bamix Gastro has a smaller motor and beater and whisk attachments are included. Our Bamix Mono comes with its own beaker in addition to the beater, whisk and multi-purpose blades, wall bracket, and recipe and instruction booklets.

The Bamix Deluxe hand blender has speeds of 9,000 or 12,000 RPM with a countertop stand and recipe and instruction booklets. Included with the beater, whisk, and multi-purpose blades on the Bamix Swissline is the processor attachment. Added accessories are the Swissline table stand, 900ml jug, recipe collection and instruction booklet.

The Bamix Superbox is a full service combination of the Swissline 150 immersion blender with the SliceSy and Processor attachments and the beater, whisk, multi-purpose, meat and vegetable blades. Add to that the table stand, 900 ml jug, recipe collection and instruction booklet and you have everything you need for a fantastic immersion blender experience!

Mini Immersion

Aerolatte and Norpo make fun kitchen tools in the mini immersion blender style. Aerolatte comes in solid black as well as the Union Jack and Moo pattern (it looks like a Holstein cow’s spots) and is the original steam-free milk frother. Its small size allows you to create full bodied beverages in smaller quantities. They’re terrific for quickly frothing warm milk for a couple cups of morning coffee or blending hot cocoa mix into water. The Norpro Cordless Mini mixer accomplishes the same drink mixer tasks as the Aerolatte. These drink mixers are battery powered.

Quality Options

From professional performance, built-in models to single serving drink mixer styles, Pleasant Hill Grain offers the variety, capability and durability in stand and immersion blenders. We look forward to helping you purchase your next blender. Click a link above to check out these amazing machines!